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Portland Pressure WashingWelcome to Portland Oregon’s best power washing service provider, Portland Pressure Washing. My company offers residential & commercial pressure washing services throughout the Portland Metropolitan area.  Our company has provided industry articles, insights into advanced pressure washing techniques, and even information on purchasing a machine, if your the adventurous type. Our company provides quality power washing services at reasonable prices.  Mark Poole, Owner, has been in the power washing industry for nearly 20 years. Our organization can clean business and industrial parks, malls, and residential properties as well. Our specialty is our soft water washing services; which can safely clean homes and businesses without using pressure on the siding. Call today (503) 844-6600 or click the Contact Us link provided in the top right corner.  Call Our Office 503-844-6600

Portland pressure washing services – House Washing

I have put together a two part video series on how to wash a house safely. Our soft water washing services are perfect for house washing, because the process involves no pressure! We can safely rinse away years of dirt and mildew from vinyl siding, stucco and hardiplank. Do the exterior of your gutters have unsightly mildew streaks and mold? If you are thinking of painting your home this coming year consider our pressure washing services. Your paint will last longer if the house is properly cleaned of mold and mildew before new paint is applied. We have seen many homes improperly washed using high pressure and water alone.  We treat the exterior of your siding , eaves, and gutters with a biodegradable house washing solution prior to cleaning. Then, we gently rinse the siding off without high pressurized water. Call today (503) 844-6600 or click the Contact Us link provided in the top right corner.

Special considerations when choosing a Portland pressure washing company

When choosing a power washing company to wash your home, be careful to ask specific questions about the process involved. What are the chemicals (if any) that are going to be used on your home?  Is high pressure  going to be used around siding or window frames? Power washing can cause instant leaks around the window seals allowing the gas to escape, and ruining your windows! Window seals can also develop a slow leak that may take a year or more to develop and appear as condensation or silver spots. Some pressure washing companies have trouble getting insured to wash homes because of the risk of siding damage. Just ask any insurance agent about house washing claims. With the average house washing price ranging between $500 to $800, which is barely the cost of a new window, isn’t it worth it to have your home professionally cleaned by a trained soft water washing technician? Call today (503) 844-6600 or click the Contact Us link provided in the top right corner.

Portland Pressure Washing offers residential pressure washing services

Residential pressure washing in Portland Oregon. My company has been serving the Portland Metropolitan area for almost 20 years. Our residential pressure washing services includes driveway cleaning, sidewalk and patio cleaning, and house washing, as well as some commercial projects. We use only products and equipment that meet or exceed the industry standard. We exclusively use Landa products, which are considered among many to provide superior service and performance to our clients. We carry specific insurance to cover pressure washing. Call today (503) 844-6600 or click the Contact Us link provided in the top right corner.

Commercial pressure washing services

Commercial pressure washing in Portland Oregon. Our company, Portland Pressure Washing has the right equipment to service larger accounts as well. We use only commercial grade Landa Northwest pressure washing equipment. Landa also offers superior products such as the Landa Water Jet surface cleaner, which ensures professional results every time. Call today (503) 844-6600 or click the Contact Us link provided in the top right corner.

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