This home was washed using soft water washing techniques which means no high pressure was used anywhere. We use this process because high pressure can ruin window seals, ruin siding and paint. We use a biodegradable solution to lightly coat your home. The solution sits on the home for approx 5 minutes before we gently wash it away. If you are planning on having your house painted without properly killing the mold and algae beforehand you will greatly reduce the time your paint will stay on the home.

This process will also not harm your windows. High pressure will damage your window seals and it could take years before you finally notice your window seals failing. It starts off with small silver spots or a bit of water condensation but quickly turns ugly. Soft water washing is a technique in which a mild detergent is used to remove the dirt and algae and mold. You then just gently rinse the solution off with all the dirt and mildew leaving your home fresh and clean.