Pressure Washing Services


pressure washing servicesWith today’s economy we are often asked what makes your pressure washing services different? What makes your company different than the guys that come and go every year and try to undercut the competition. Well, we use the best equipment and have 20 years experience in dealing with pressure washing projects. Does that make us an expert? No, but we feel that over the years we have experienced quite a few different pressure washing services and have a good grasp of what the results will be for the given project. We can tell you if pressure washing asphalt is a good idea. If you look at this photo to the left you can see a mistake, that somebody made while trying to pressure wash asphalt. Imagine if you owned a million dollar home and had this happen on your property.



Pressure Washing Services – House Washing

Our pressure washing services include soft water washing which is a form of pressure washing without pressure. High pressure can cause damage especially when cleaning siding. Through our process we not only kill all the algae and fungus spores that turning your siding that lovely shade of green, but we actually keep it cleaner longer as well. Our process is safe to wash around windows because we do not use high pressure which can cause Argon gas to leak out from the windows. We may cost a bit more than the other guys, but our experience can save you thousands of dollars in repair bills later. And since we actually treat the entire house with a biodegradable solution, your home will stay cleaner, longer.


Pressure Washing Services – Commercial pressure washing Portland Oregon

Our commercial pressure washing services include building washing, flat work, business parks and other commercial ventures. We will come to your work site and evaluate the project and in most cases can turn in a project in a few days.

Pressure Washing Services Portland Oregon