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Commercial Pressure Washing Services

Pressure Washing Services


pressure washing servicesWhile I was bidding a commercial project, I snapped a few pressure washing services quality of service photos to show them how we could improve over the current vendor. Commercial work is sometimes provided at night to avoid traffic and for safety reasons, but this quality could be improved on quite a bit. Portland Pressure Washing uses only the best products and we stand behind our work 100%. Pressure Washing services such as sidewalk cleaning is not rocket science, it’s like coloring, just stay in the lines and everything will be fine. If your machine goes outside the lines your customer will see it. Portland Pressure Washing was asked to provide pressure washing services after the quality of workmanship or lack thereof.

Quality of Pressure Washing Services

What ever happened to quality of workmanship, employees taking pride pressure washing services? In the photos provided below I can only assume this is why we were contacted to bid this project. Using a surface cleaner to clean concrete and then running across asphalt creates unsightly workmanship. There were many many instances of poor workmanship on this property. As the old saying goes “you get what you pay for”.

pressure washing services

pressure washing services

pressure washing services



















Portland Pressure Washing provides Quality Commercial Pressure Washing Services

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