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How to wash a house

If you are the do-it-yourself type of person and would like to know how you can safely clean the exterior of your home than this video series made by Waterworks NW is for you. I have put together a two part video series explaining the safe way to clean your exterior siding without using high […]

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Pressure Washing Services | Driveway Cleaning

Pressure Washing Services   Portland pressure washing offers pressure washing services such as driveway cleaning, patios, siding and house washing. This is a short power washing video that shows a very dirty driveway being cleaned with a Landa Waterjet surface cleaner. It was 95 degrees out, so running shoes instead of rubber boots was a […]

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Commercial Pressure Washing Services

Pressure Washing Services   While I was bidding a commercial project, I snapped a few pressure washing services quality of service photos to show them how we could improve over the current vendor. Commercial work is sometimes provided at night to avoid traffic and for safety reasons, but this quality could be improved on quite […]

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Driveway Pressure Washing Services

Pressure Washing Services   Portland Pressure Washing offers driveway pressure washing services throughout the Portland metropolitan area. Portland Pressure Washing Owner, Mark Poole, has been pressure washing for over 20 years in the Northwest. Our pressure washing services are guaranteed to be of the highest quality in the industry. We use only Landa Northwest equipment […]

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Driveway Power Washing

Driveway Power Washing   Often times we are asked about power washing methods our company uses for cleaning driveways, patio’s and such. Sometimes we are asked specifically what equipment we use that can provide “superior” results compared to a wash & go company or maybe the weekend warrior. While some customers are not so concerned […]

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Pressure Washing Services

Pressure Washing Services   With today’s economy we are often asked what makes your pressure washing services different? What makes your company different than the guys that come and go every year and try to undercut the competition. Well, we use the best equipment and have 20 years experience in dealing with pressure washing projects. […]

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House Washing Portland

This home was washed using soft water washing techniques which means no high pressure was used anywhere. We use this process because high pressure can ruin window seals, ruin siding and paint. We use a biodegradable solution to lightly coat your home. The solution sits on the home for approx 5 minutes before we gently […]

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Driveway Cleaning

his driveway was pressure washed using a mild detergent and treatment to help it stay cleaner longer. Normally we do not use this type of treatment unless asked but the results are pretty amazing. The benefits of using such treatment are less wear and tear on the aggregate over the years. Total time to clean […]

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Driveway Pressure Washing

ere is a video of one of our surface cleaners cleaning a bit of concrete. The benefits of this type of equipment are speed, safety and consistency while cleaning flat surfaces. We also have a Landa Water jet surface cleaner, this unit retails for $1800 from Landa Northwest and worth every penny. Our customers rave […]

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Moss Covered Patio

ere was another challenging job in Lake Oswego. This is a customer of ours who’s home is covered in pine trees. Moss build up like this can happen in a very short time in Lake Oswego. We applied a mild cleaning solution to help with the removal of the moss as well as putting a […]

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