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Beaverton pressure washing services



Thank you for visiting Beaverton Oregon’s well-known Beaverton pressure washing company web page and service professional, Portland Pressure Washing. Our Beaverton pressure washing team specialize in domestic, in addition to industrial pressure washing around Portland, Oregon as well as nearby metropolitan areas. Our power washing services include: residential home washing, commercial cleaning, such as larger flat surface cleaning, and building washing, concrete in addition to driveway washing, patios plus a great deal more. Our Beaverton pressure washing company is able to safely completely clean your house or place of business without using excessive pressure and provide top-notch results. With over twenty years of pressure washing background, our Beaverton pressure washing business, Portland Pressure Washing, has all the practical experience and knowhow to get the job completed properly, the very first time. Portland Pressure Washing employs the most recent in pressure washing technology that will provide you with superb professional results. Our Beaverton pressure washing organization uses Landa pressure washers exclusively, because they have a proven track record and provide excellent results.

Mark Poole with Portland Pressure Washing, a Beaverton pressure washing services company, talks about the pressure washing risks of high pressure structure washing

structure washing, whether a home or business is frequently a visually appealing project any time pressure washing is conducted the right way. One of the reasons our company Portland Pressure Washing which enjoys what we do is because of the instant gratification we get when a project is completed. But, any time inexperienced property owners or the local neighborhood wash and go small business try to power wash their property, it usually leads to disastrous results. High pressure can not only pull off filth, it can strip off paint, stucco, caulking, cause water to travel up underneath lap siding, resulting in excessive insurance claims. Not to mention while in the hands of an unskilled person the pressure washer can certainly clear away tissue causing really serious bacterial infections underneath the skin. One of the more expensive mistakes created by building washing is blowing the window seals out, which means causing an discrepancy between the actual glass frames. This could result in leaking of Argon gas which is used to keep the window panes insulated. Because the average window is priced at $1000 – $1500 or more, it could add up to some serious money quickly.

Beaverton pressure washing services expert explains how to correctly wash a house or business utilizing soft water washing strategies

Soft water washing is a newer thought process which properly washes the home without the utilization of pressure. A blend of detergent a cleansing agent is applied the home and also when mixed in the proper proportion provides excellent results. Houses in the Northwest have mildew, these appear like little dark specs or even spots in and around the siding, eaves and exterior gutters. When the mixture is applied to the property pros let it dwell for five to twelve minutes and then wash it off. Pressure washing companies then wash the plant life and also nearby areas to make sure the dilution is harmless. Not only does this wipe out mold, algae and any other fungus that might be developing but the cleaning agent helps to lift the filth away from the siding. This process will correctly thoroughly clean your home as well as rid it of the actual green and black mold thriving from the winter weather.

Local Beaverton pressure washing services company talks about industrial power washing services

Portland Pressure Washing provides pressure washing professional services for commercial properties which includes business parks, malls, city sidewalks as well as other commercial pressure washing projects that need cleaning. We can safely and  thoroughly clean the mold and mildew away from the walkways, siding or any other place that needs to be cleaned. We are also branching out to clean parking garages which uses specialized equipment in itself. Give Portland Pressure Washing a call we would love to give you a bid.

Owner of Portland Pressure Washing,  shares his pressure washing services secrets which will save you 1000’s on house painting costs in the future.

Do you think you’re getting ready to get your property painted? If you do, you should definitely think about this approach of house washing. When talking to painting companies make sure to ask the methods used to properly clean the siding. Are they likely to use high pressure, most likely yes. Are maybe they going to spot treat for mold, or perhaps merely downstream trisodium phosphate onto the house siding. Neither of these types of strategies are generally going to do much for mildew, grime or algae and will cause the paint to fail only after a few short years. Portland Pressure Washing thoroughly covers your house and or place of business from the outside gutters to the foundation using a eco-friendly solution which will safely prepare your siding to accept fresh paint. Most paint falters on homes due to improper preliminary prep work.

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Beaverton pressure washing services