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Welcome to Portland’s most well known pressure washing webpage and service organization, Portland Pressure Washing. Our organization specializes in residential as well as commercial pressure washing throughout Portland, Oregon and neighboring cities. Our team specializes in  concrete and driveway cleaning, house washing,  outdoor patios plus a great deal more. Our organization will safely clean your residential home  or business with a process called soft water washing which involves no pressure, and offer outstanding results. With over 20 years of pressure washing proven experience, our business Portland Pressure Washing possesses the practical experience as well as knowledge base to get the work completed right, the first time. Portland Pressure Washing utilizes the most recent in pressure washing related equipment and exclusively uses Landa pressure washing products, which gives fantastic professional results.


Portland Pressure Washing services expert speaks how to effectively pressure wash a residence using soft water washing procedures

Low pressure washing or soft water pressure washing is a more safety orientated way of thinking which properly cleans the home without the use of high pressure. Some Portland pressure washing companies use a blend of  soap detergent, plus a cleaning agent which is applied the property, and when mixed in the correct proportion provides excellent results.  Homes in the Northwest have algae, mold and other fungus growing on the siding. Most of these start out looking like little dark-colored specs or even areas or gray patches, turning to black patches if left alone.  While the eco-friendly solution is applied to the home, specialists let it dwell for 5 to ten minutes and then rinse it off. Portland Pressure Washing employees then rinse off the vegetation, and also nearby areas, to make sure solution is diluted and is safe for outside pets. Not only does this destroy mold, algae and almost every other fungus that might be developing but the detergent will help to lift the dirt away from the exterior siding. This specific procedure will properly clean your house and rid it of the actual green and black mold developing from the winter months. Sadly tho, this procedure will not remove artillery fungus. Artillery fungus is brought on to your property by infected landscape mulch. This fungus is aggressive and can ruin siding, glass and other reflective surfaces.


Mark, from Portland Pressure Washing, discusses house painting and proper planning

Are you thinking of hiring a Portland pressure washing company and getting ready to have your house painted? If you do, you must really think about this approach of house washing. Prior to making the investment associated with house painting, be sure to ask about the Portland pressure washing organizations process. Are they insured? Do they carry the proper insurance, which includes pressure washing? Are they going to just spot treat for mildew, or merely downstream trisodium phosphate on to the structure. TSP is a degreaser, nothing more, it will not kill mold or algae. Portland Pressure Washing thoroughly covers your home or company from the head to toe with a eco-friendly solution which will safely, ready your siding to accept brand new paint. Almost all paint falters prematurely on homes, because of improper preliminary prep work.


Industrial and commercial Portland pressure washing services

Portland Pressure Washing offers pressure washing services for business properties including city parks, business parks, malls along with other commercial pressure washing developments. We can safely, and thoroughly clean the mold and mildew away from the walkways, entries, sidewalks, parking lots and community centers keeping the workplace safe for your employees and clients. Keeping up with a carefully planned maintenance schedule will ensure your company is sending a message that we care about our workspace and employee health and safety.


Local Portland pressure washing services contractor talks about the trap of  enticing customers with low prices, given by unlicensed individuals and companies.

As a Portland pressure washing company who follows the rules, how do we compete with individuals or other Portland pressure washing companies who do not carry the proper insurance? Often we observe pressure washing individuals traveling up ladders using a pressure washer. Not only is this very unsafe, and a huge liability for everyone, and could cause distress to the property who do not expect someone to come tumbling down a ladder holding a high powered wand. Inexperienced power washing  providers using high pressure can force water underneath the siding causing mold problems later on. Just ask any homeowner insurance agency about the claims that have needlessly been made by unsuspecting homeowners with regards to house washing. Proper pressure washing insurance isn’t cheap. If you run across Portland pressure washing companies which will wash your home, driveway or commercial project for a cheap price, 9 out of 10 times they most likely do not have the proper insurance to protect your investment in case of pressure washing damage. Believe me, we know it’s tempting in today’s economy to jump at cheap prices. But, there is a reason for those cheap prices, and it’s about skirting the costs to properly protect clients. In the end, it hurts the industry. The few hundred dollars you could save, will be spent 10 fold to fix problems that could have been avoided such as blown window seals, mold or injury or worse.


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