Landa Northwest, the right choice for professionals.

Landa NorthwestAs a professional pressure washing contractor it is important that we select equipment that is going to provide quality consistent results for our clients such as Landa Northwest presure washing equipment. When selecting a commercial grade pressure washer there are a number of factors I personally look for before selecting the pressure washing equipment. Product quality, machines that are built to last with great customer service are the first things I look for. Pressure washing equipment is subjected to some pretty harsh environments and massive vibration. Machines that are not overbuilt are not going to last in this industry. Landa Northwest overbuilds their equipment to last.


Landa Northwest exclusively used by Portland Pressure Washing

Landa Northwest has a reputation of outstanding quality and they “overbuild” their equipment, if you will. While many manufactures boast impressive numbers and budget prices, you must be sure to look at the components, frame, design and customer support. Landa Northwest has local support in the Portland area and use the very best components available. Their equipment can be twice what other manufacturers charge for the same ratings, but they are built completely different. After a professional company factors in downtime, bad customer service and equipment that can just get you by, the clear choice is easy to see, Landa Northwest.


Landa Northwest customer service is top notch

While selecting one of our units I had the chance to tour the facility and learn about the equipment and Landa’s dedication to providing a quality product, while maintaining great customer service. Landa Northwest also has a service center to keep your pressure washing equipment in excellent working condition. The couple times we have needed customer support, Landa Northwest was quick to answer our request and go above and beyond what you would consider satisfactory customer service. I would put Landa Northwest customer service at the top of the list.


Landa Northwest Water Jet surface cleaner

For concrete cleaning such as driveway cleaning, asphalt cleaning most professional pressure washing companies use a surface cleaner. Surface cleaners look like a floor scrubber, but instead of cleaning pads, it has spray bars that spin very fast sort of like a lawn mower. Using a surface cleaner Portland pressure washing providers are able to get clean consistent results for their clients. We have used a few of them over the years and again Landa Northwest is one of our top picks for service and quality. Landa Northest provides a couple different models to match company price points but their best is the Landa Water Jet. The Landa Northwest Water Jet retails for $1800.00, in our opinion is worth the extra money. The quality of the unit, ease of service and again being overbuilt, but light is a winning combination in our book.

Landa Northwest