Artillery Fungus

artillery fungusPortland, Oregon, offers its share of artillery fungus as it is referred to appears on siding, on windows, even on pieces of organic mulch. It is next to impossible to rid your home of artillery fungus, even with our specialized treatment and soft water pressure wash. Artillery fungus appears as tiny brown specks on your siding and windows or any other reflective surfaces. The artillery fungus can start in organic mulch and shoot up to as high as the second floor of a home or building! This can affect the appearance of your windows, siding, decks, and downspouts. This artillery fungus is a real problem in the Northwest.

How do I get rid of Artillery Fungus

Pressure washing in Portland, Oregon, has become more challenging with the appearance of this fungus. Whether it is commercial pressure washing or residential pressure washing, the fungi will remain on the siding. Precautions you can take to reduce the risk of your home or business being overtaken by this fungus is to remove any organic mulch. Replacing any organic mulch with pea gravel, crushed shells or stone would reduce the livability of the fungus. Pressure washing companies, such as ours, thrive on the removal of mold and dirt from your property. You, the homeowner, should take any precautions possible to reduce the occurrence of this fungus on your property, even pressure washing cannot remove this type of fungus.

What are my options if I have artillery fungus on my siding

There have been studies that show that if you have removed all of your landscape mulch from around your home. Properly disposed of and newly covered the ground after removal of the previous areas with large pine bark pieces or similar that you have a good chance of keeping the artillery fungus away. That is unless your neighbor has it in his yard. Artillery fungus can shoot it’s spores quite a few feet so be observant of your neighbor’s landscaping prior to removal of your own mulch. If you have it on your siding and are going to repaint the home, simply sand the siding and remove the mulch afterward. You cannot remove artillery fungus, you could try little wooden dowels and a magic eraser, we have heard that works for about 75% of the discoloration.

pressure washing and artillery fungus