Driveway Power Washing


Power washingOften times we are asked about power washing methods our company uses for cleaning driveways, patio’s and such. Sometimes we are asked specifically what equipment we use that can provide “superior” results compared to a wash & go company or maybe the weekend warrior. While some customers are not so concerned with looks and just want the bulk of the debris off the driveway we think property power washing technique is important. Offering a consistent professional service to each and every customer is important and reflects badly when the work is inconsistent.

Power Washing Techniques

While many power washing companies do not use surface cleaners, they do have their benefits and add consistency and quality the end result. Using a power washing wand only can lead to “tiger striping” which is a bi-product of swinging the pressure washing wand back and forth. When the concrete dries it leavesĀ  undesirable stripes of clean and dirty concrete looking horrible in appearance. Using quality equipment and providing solid and consistent end results for the customer is our goal.

Power Washing Advice for Driveways